On the hot analysis of the packaging printing industry

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1. The emergence of e-commerce in the packaging and printing market
With the further expansion of the packaging market, many packaging and printing companies have achieved further expansion of the bus
1. The emergence of e-commerce in the packaging and printing market
With the further expansion of the packaging market, many packaging and printing companies have achieved further expansion of the business market through third-party e-commerce platforms (WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc.), and e-commerce has become an important information aggregation exchange platform between enterprises.
2, network printing mode PK traditional printing
With the improvement of economic living standards, a large number of personalized printing needs have emerged, which has promoted the application of cloud printing technology. Compared with traditional printing methods, cloud printing can be customized, ordered at any time, and delivered quickly. As a result of adopting network technology to optimize production processes and reduce production costs, it can effectively save paper costs for customers.
After “web printing” became the new technical high point and profit growth point of the printing industry, the “cloud printing” business model accompanied the “cloud computing era” and brought new changes to the printing industry. Evergreen Jianhao builds a cloud printing network platform with Evergreen’s leading position in the Indian market and the mature business model and system software of Taiwan’s Jianhao. We hope that through this initiative, we will lead a new business model and achieve industrialization of cloud printing. Promote the "digitalization" of the printing industry.
3, micro-corrugated corrugated packaging become hot
Due to the rapid development of online shopping and the gradual transformation of people’s consumption patterns, e-commerce and online shopping have become one of the important ways to purchase goods (goods). In 2013, the number of online shopping users in China reached 312 million, and the utilization rate reached 48.9%, which was 6.0 percentage points higher than that in 2012. Only the "Double 11" day Taobao Tmall mall turnover reached 57.1 billion yuan. Online shopping has given birth to the rapid development of logistics. Because of its characteristics of light weight, low cost, and good printability, online shopping has been widely used by merchants and the production of corrugated machines has also fallen short of supply.
In addition to the logistics industry, it is also favored by the food industry because of its unique characteristics. In the case of alcoholic beverages and beverage packaging materials, wine packaging prefers finer corrugated products. With the development of market demand, the demand for beautifully-packed packaging wine boxes has expanded. Most of the packaging wine boxes in the market have been transitioned from whiteboards and white cards of different grades to E-Watts and F-Watts. The demand for miniature corrugated boxes will increase significantly.
4, enter the high-end packaging market to break the monopoly of technology
Aseptic packaging technology was introduced from abroad for the first time in 1982, and it is a comprehensive technical achievement that combines multiple disciplines into one. Refers to a packaging technique where the packaged liquid food is sterilized for a short period of time before packaging, and then filled and sealed under sterile conditions (including packaging materials, packaged articles, and packaging aids).
This multi-layer aluminum-plastic paper packaging product can be used not only for sterilization of resistance heaters but also for sterilizing by radiation. This technology can improve the storage life of liquid foods by packaging liquid foods. Its greatest advantage is to retain the original nutrient composition and flavor of the product to the utmost under aseptic conditions, and to extend its shelf life.
There are more than 20 packaging companies capable of producing paper-plastic aluminum composite flexible packaging in China, such as: the United States, Jinan Quanlin, Qingdao People, Jinan Quanhua, Shanghai Jielong, Yunnan Yuxi, and Luthai United. All of them have entered the high-end packaging market, with annual sales of approximately 22 billion packets, breaking the monopoly of multinational companies for many years.
5. Green Printing Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Sustainable Development
Green printing is the mainstream trend of the global printing industry and an important part of social progress. According to the actual situation of the development of China's printing industry, it will continue to adjust and improve in the implementation process. Under the guidance of the principle of sustainable development, energy conservation and emission reduction, the implementation of green printing has achieved remarkable results. However, how to implement this work scientifically and practically and improve the development consensus of the entire industry on green environmental protection is worthy of careful study by the current industry and relevant government departments.
Implementing green printing is still a new thing. We mainly draw lessons from the experience and practices of developed countries and combine with China’s actual conditions to formulate standards, monitoring methods and related measures that are in line with China’s national conditions; gradually improve the environmental protection standards for various types of printed matters, and steadily promote the scope of application of logo products. In order to promote the structural adjustment and technological upgrading of the printing industry, it will reach and approach the level of the developed countries in a relatively short period of time.
The National Printing Standardization Technical Committee has initiated the development of green printing standards. The Ministry of Environmental Protection also initiated the formulation of environmental protection standards for printing companies. Industry associations and various print media have successively organized different types of forums. Green printing and environmental protection have reached “green printing in China”.
6. The transformation and upgrading of the packaging and printing industry has become a trend in the development of enterprises.
The traditional packaging and printing industry has gradually entered a bottleneck in a new round of economic competition. Faced with major problems such as low level of industrial intensification, lack of independent innovation, and weak ability to develop new markets, the traditional printing industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading in order to usher in new opportunities and challenges. To develop from a "big packaging country" to a "big packaging country," China needs to start from the aspects of system reform, mechanism innovation, updating concepts, changing the mode of development, and realizing structural adjustment and resource optimization. The transformation and upgrading is to adjust the structure of products to meet the needs of market development, but also to deal with the current economic situation and market environment, enterprises seek the strategy of self-survival and development, rather than the purpose.
7, packaging and printing companies "big but not strong"
Although China is already the second largest packaging country in the world, the contradiction between the “big but not strong” packaging industry is very prominent. The total number of packaging enterprises in China reached 300,000, of which only 20,000 were above designated size, and about 90% were small and medium-sized enterprises. This shows that the combined strength of the clusters is small, the R&D capability is not strong, and the transition speed is slow. Unreasonable industrial structure, low product quality, and weak self-innovation capacity have become the “bottleneck” and “soft rib” that restrict the development of the packaging industry. The packaging and printing industry has completed the phase of quantitative change. A strong brand will be the main theme of the industry's development.

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